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Our Mission

To cultivate a vibrant forum for critical thinkers to unpack and deconstruct China's post-reform transformation, illuminating its implications for social equity, prosperity, and political participation. Through rigorous analysis and constructive dialogue, we strive to identify pathways towards a more just and equitable China, empowered by a participatory democracy and a vibrant market economy.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a transformative platform that empowers Chinese entrepreneurs and business leaders to become visionary leaders on the global stage. We envision a future where Chinese business leaders possess a comprehensive understanding of international trends, historical perspectives, and best practices. Through our collaborations with exceptional scholars and institutions, we aim to foster a deep and nuanced appreciation of the global context. By providing access to cutting-edge research, global networks, and immersive experiences, we aspire to equip Chinese entrepreneurs and business leaders with the tools and mindset necessary to drive innovation, make informed decisions, and shape a more interconnected and prosperous world. Together, we envision a community of empowered leaders who transcend boundaries and inspire positive change in the global business landscape.

Our Commitment

We are committed to actively engaging Chinese entrepreneurs in their pursuit of global perspectives and knowledge. Through our China Global Perspectives workshop, international conferences, and online forums, we provide tangible opportunities for leaders to expand their understanding of the world. We facilitate collaborations with overseas scholars and institutions, offering access to cutting-edge research, resources, and networks. By fostering an environment of continuous learning, cultural exchange, and cross-border partnerships, we empower Chinese entrepreneurs to drive innovation, make informed decisions, and create a lasting impact on a global scale. Together, we take actionable steps towards building a community of forward-thinking leaders who contribute to a progressive, inclusive, and globally connected society.


Where passion meets research

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President and Co-Founder of the Sapiens Institute, as well as a part time professor at Yat-Sen University, Julia is a published author and researcher on the development of Sino-Wester Relations and historic figures such as Hu-Shih. Today, Julia is building the Sapiens Institute to connect scholars and entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges facing China's political and societal development

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An award winning researcher with a PH.D in Anthropology and research interests across Economic Anthropology, Social Change & Development, Exchange Theory, Peasant Study & Cultural Globalization. Dr. YunXiang Yan has devoted his time with the Sapiens Institute to publish research on the effects of China's economic development on societal and family structures.

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